Information and Frequently Asked Questions on LAS interactive

What is LAS interactive?

LAS interactive is a further development and redesign of the web platform Laboratory Animal Science Online (vtk online). With new and restructured training recommendations and the increased use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, extensive changes became necessary. 

LAS interactive can be used on PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

To improve its use, the portal was subdivided into a section that remains free of charge (vtk online) and a fee-based section (las campus, previously CPD).

Is LAS interactive a fee-based offer?

LAS interactive is divided into a free information section (vtk online) and a fee-based training section (las campus). Only when you use our online training (incl. tests) are costs incurred.

What is vtk online?

vtk online is the free information platform on laboratory animal science. The website grew out of the Laboratory Animal Science online platform and was completely redesigned as LAS interactive in 2015.

What is las campus?

las campus is the fee-based offer of LAS interactive. Here you can book online examinations and courses on laboratory animal science topics.  

Our courses "in accordance with TierSchVersV" are only available on request. To gain the qualification required according to Annex 1 Section 2 or 3 TierSchVersV, users must undergo practical training or provide evidence of such training after the course. The theoretical part alone is not usually sufficient.

I have set up an account. How long does my access remain valid?

Your access is initially valid for 6 months if you register with us regularly. At the end of these 6 months, you may extend your access.

If you take part in a laboratory animal science course or your institution has entered into a framework agreement with us on the use of this platform, other access period may possibly apply. 

In each case, you can check the validity period of your account in your user data. If you are unsure, please contact either your course organizer/institution or send us an email to    

How can I register for a course or an examination?

Courses (e.g. according to TierSchVersV) are open to anyone whose institution has entered into a framework agreement with us on the use of this platform. Please contact your animal welfare officer or the person in your institution who is responsible for staff training. 

Examinations on modules are booked in las campus. They can be used both by individuals and also in the context of company quotas. 

I’m not sure whether a framework agreement exists with my institution? 

Send us an email to or check your user profile after logging in.

I would like to use LAS interactive for the qualification of staff. How do I find out more?

If you want to use the LAS interactive offer for the qualification of staff, we will be happy to send you an individual offer. Please send us an email to with your objectives to and let us know whether you would like an initial consultation by phone. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Modules of las campus as theoretical qualification according to Annex 1 Section 3 TierSchVersV
  • Module von vtk online zur Weiterbildung
  • Modules of vtk online for further training
  • A combination of your own content and LAS interactive content
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