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Modulare Education and Training in the EU

The modular structure of vtk online is guided by the current recommendations of the EU for education and training for animal research. The background to this structure is the set of recommendations on training in laboratory animal science that were drawn up when the EU animal protection directive (Directive 2010/63/EU) was implemented. These recommendations provide for the requirement that anyone who performs functions as defined in Art. 23(2) of the Directive possesses certain core competencies before they are permitted to exercise the functions in question.

It is envisaged here that, by broadening the personal qualification profile, it will be possible to take on additional functions. The possibilities for exercising the function “Planning and designing procedures” are restricted, however, because a university degree is required for this function.

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Core modules (C)

C 01 Animal welfare law

Introduction to animal welfare legislation

C 02 Ethics and 3R

Introduction to basic ethical principles relating to animal experiments and the 3Rs - refinement, reduction and replacement

C 03 Laboratory animal biology

General and species-specific biology of laboratory animals

C 04 Laboratory animal housing

General and species-specific information on the husbandry of laboratory animals

C 05 Strain

General and species-specific content concerning constraints on laboratory animals

C 06 Humane methods of killing

General and species-specific content on euthanizing laboratory animals

Function-specific modules (F)

F 07 Methods without anaesthesia

Presentation of minimally invasive methods and their implementation.

F 09 Ethics and 3R Level 2

Ethical questions on animal experiments and alternative and supplementary methods

F 10 Design of procedures and projects

Approach, database search and biometric planning study in the context of the application

Task-specific modules (T)

T 20 Anaesthesia and analgesia I

Content on anaesthesia and analgesia for minor procedures in laboratory animals

T 21 Anaesthesia and analgesia II

Content on anaesthesia and analgesia for surgical or lengthy procedures in laboratory animals (advanced)

T 22 Surgical interventions

The module contains basic information on the approach to surgical procedures

Additional modules (A)

A 01 History

Summary on the historical context of animal experiments

A 02 Blood sampling methods

Blood sampling procedures that sometimes require anaesthesia

A 03 Genetically modified animals (GMA)

Introduction to genetically modified animals (GMAs)

A 04 Telemetry

Collection of telemetric data in animal experiments

A 05 Non-invasive methods

Presentation of methods used for animal-friendly data collection

A 06 Animal-specific module: hamster

Species-specific summary of the learning content from the various modules

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